About Us

ConnectMii is an innovative technology provider that facilitates virtual B2B communication. We engineer business connections through personal, managed engagements—expanding company horizons.

Pursue your goals with complete virtual collaboration capability: reach the world by video meetings with curated, potential contacts, connect with your associates and partners using our virtual collaboration tools. ConnectMii connects you through our revolutionary, dynamic, and efficient scaffolding so you can build the business you imagine.
Our Leadership Team

Why we do what we do

Employees are being asked to do more with less year after year. It is often difficult to be in two places at one time and we understand this. In our experience, meeting with key people in a controlled environment reduces the stress of a sale, reduces sales cycles, and increases overall customer experiences. We wish to give you your life back, by offering less time away from home, the field and reducing travel. We do this through a rich, world-class video event that is fully managed by our team. You show up to your 20 minute meetings prepared with your knowledge of your product and business, and we do the rest. We saw the need in offering an easy way to do business and we cannot wait for you to experience it.

What does this mean to you?

Our vision is to create a better meeting process for sales organizations and senior management's collaboration. Your travel will decrease, cost per sale will decrease, we will shorten your sales cycles and all of this equates to measurable ROI for participating.
Our Video B2B Exchanges and Share Groups offer you anytime, anywhere, purposeful meetings. You will never wonder whether you are meeting with the correct person within an organization. You'll always have access to the person that has power and/or persuasion over the purchasing budget.
It can be that simple. And we make it that way.
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