Product Marketplace

Product Marketplace
Take part in an intensive online video buyer and supplier experience like no other at a product marketplace; a unique invitation-only meeting for senior decision makers. Reduce the cost and effort of supplier and product evaluations with high value, interactive marketplace engagements within the virtual environment of ConnectMii.
Join a B2B Video Exchange to meet pre-qualified buyers and technology providers by video
Streamline your planning process 
Collaborative planning between buyers and sellers 
No travel = no cost and no time away from the office
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B2B Video Product Marketplace from ConnectMii is the ideal tool to drive superior engagement between businesses and your suppliers. The proprietary ConnectMii platform is a flexible and easy-to-use collaboration system that meets the demands of procurement managers and buyers to ensure portfolio competitiveness and supply chain reliability.

From supplier evaluations, to supplier demonstrations, and to private buyer negotiation meetings, ConnectMii solutions help you reduce the time, cost, and effort associated with supplier management and increase opportunities for meaningful exchanges of ideas and solutions.
  • In-depth category management and supplier analysis
  • High-quality, scalable video and digital engagement platform
  • Always-on, digital asset manager for exchanging content
  • Flexible, easy-to-use engagement and collaboration tools
  • Mobile device accessibility, anywhere in the world  
  • Private meeting scheduling and management tools 

Meeting Matches

Our meeting matches enable event planners to create a customized networking event that results in highly targeted connections for attendees. We take the guesswork out of networking and facilitate meaningful connections in a structured environment!
Event Solutions

The proprietary ConnectMii platform is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that meets the demands of all types of event planners. Originally developed for B2B Video Exchanges, it’s an ideal solution for peer-to-peer networking, training seminars, and internal corporate events. Detailed participant profiles facilitate meaningful new connections for attendees.
Who We Serve

ConnectMii works with large and small enterprises, non-profits, trade associations and many other groups. Any organization that can benefit from direct, one-on-one, scheduled meetings -- while saving the time and cost of travel – is an ideal ConnectMii partner.
• Meet pre-vetted influencers and decision makers
• In-depth attendee profiling
• Thought-leadership and brand marketing

• Full day schedule of pre-arranged 20 minute meetings.
• Detailed supplier profile
• Send samples to retailers
• Ad hoc meeting scheduler
• Secure HD video
• Private chat
• Digital Asset Manager
• Private Meeting Scheduler
• Search
• My Notes
• Request samples/information
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