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B2B Video Share Groups
A share group is an online community brought together by a single topic. Communication between parties is facilitated by video and by messaging.
What is a Share Group

A share group is a professional peer group of individuals from an  Association or Industry. These meetings provide the opportunity for like segments in independent industries to meet via video, problem-solve, swap ideas and help non-competing industry partners. 
Share Group Value Proposition

Share group members develop strong bonds and turn to each other for impartial advice, suggestions and feedback. Meetings are successful because members openly share and are committed to each other’s success. Share groups are generally comprised of 12-15 non-competing, association members or like-industry companies.

How Are They Designed

Share groups are entirely participant-driven, professionally facilitated and generally meet several times per year.  Each Share Group will determine its own meeting structure, format and agendas.  Beyond the video share group meetings, there may be ongoing virtual networking and idea exchange opportunities.
• Meet pre-vetted industry peers
• In-depth attendee profiling
• Thought-leadership and brand marketing

• Full day schedule of group or one-on-one meetings.
• Detailed participant profiles
• Ad hoc meeting scheduler
• Secure HD video
• Private chat
• Digital Asset Manager
• Private Meeting Scheduler
• Search
• My Notes

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