Training Center

B2B Video Training Center
Train your employees or clients in an efficient and flexible virtual classroom. Record training sessions for future distribution.
Video Training Opportunities
  • Improve the onboarding process
  • Make basic skills training universally available
  • Actually show how your product or service works
  • Provide coaching for new management
  • Provide anytime, anywhere training for front-line employees
  • Improve your sales enablement practice
  • Ensure everyone has taken compliance training
  • Expand the reach of your conferences
  • Capture and share institutional knowledge
  • Role play with video
  • Provide video-enabled coaching 
  • Capture knowledge shared in meetings
  • Capture knowledge shared in deliverable reviews
Training Solutions

The proprietary ConnectMii platform is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that meets the demands of all types of event planners. Originally developed for B2B Video Exchanges, it’s an ideal solution for peer-to-peer networking, training seminars, and internal corporate events..  Detailed participant profiles facilitate meaningful new connections for attendees.    
Who We Serve

ConnectMii works with large and small enterprises, non-profits, trade associations and many other groups. Any organization that can benefit from direct, one-on-one, scheduled meetings -- while saving the time and cost of travel – is an ideal ConnectMii partner.
• Meet pre-vetted influencers and decision makers
• In-depth attendee profiling
• Thought-leadership and brand marketing

• Full day schedule of group and one-on-one teaching sessions
• Detailed attendee profiles
• Ad hoc meeting scheduler
• Secure HD video
• Private chat
• Digital Asset Manager
• Private Meeting Scheduler
• Search
• My Notes
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