Have ConnectMii produce your next event online and by video. Communicate information efficiently to any audience. The event could include:
  • Speaker
  • Training
  • Information distribution
  • Company address
  • Company to company meeting
  • other
A product launch is a series of one-on-one 20-minute meetings between one supplier presenting their new product and a curated list of buyers who would be interested in that product. All meetings are online and done by video.
Meeting Matches

Our meeting matches enable event planners to create a customized networking event that results in highly targeted connections for attendees. We take the guesswork out of networking and facilitate meaningful connections in a structured environment!
Product Launch Solutions

ConnectMii's platform allows for a single source to launching products around the world.  Launch from your showroom, office, in the field, etc to a group of participants of your choice.  Product launches are a cost effective way to educate sellers that you would likely never be able to physically reach through face-to-face meetings, due to time and travel restraints.  
Who We Serve

ConnectMii works with large and small enterprises, non-profits, trade associations and many other groups. Any organization that can benefit from direct contact with people in the field, selling their products B2B or to the consumer -- while saving the time and cost of travel – is an ideal ConnectMii partner.
• Meet pre-vetted influencers and decision makers
• In-depth attendee profiling
• Thought-leadership and brand marketing

• Full day schedule of pre-arranged 20 minute meetings.
• Detailed supplier profile
• Send samples to retailers
• Ad hoc meeting scheduler
• Secure HD video
• Private chat
• Digital Asset Manager
• Private Meeting Scheduler
• Search
• My Notes
• Request samples/information
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