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ConnectMii Events are targeted, virtual business events, which bring together industry leaders to pursue business expansion and innovation.
Event types:
ConnectMii Exchange

Expand your communication capabilities by participating in or creating your own B2B events. ConnectMii Exchange events bring together category-specific companies to find connections and expand their businesses.
Speaker Series

Attend, participate in, or organize a speaker series. The virtual format brings together people from across the world to explore our rapid changing, globalized economy. Speaker Series events pursue the questions that will define the future of business, they bring together the innovators to discuss and push the boundaries of an industry.
Sponsored Category Exchange
These sponsored events combine industry expertise with ConnectMii solutions to create targeted communication opportunities. Sponsored Category Exchange events partner ConnectMii's platform with an industry expert to bring together category-specific companies.
Current event series:
HD online events
An ongoing series of of speaker events exploring the frontier technologies disrupting today's industries

Current event series:
Hyperloop—the coming disruption to human mobility

Education Technology series
A B2B Exchange event series connecting EdTech suppliers with school districts
partnered with:
GMDC category events
A B2B Exchange event series connecting product suppliers with retailers
partnered with:
coming soon:
GMDC product marketplace
the Grocery Marketplace
A B2B Exchange event series connecting grocery suppliers with retailers
Virtual Hackathon series
partnered with:
Retail Technology series
A B2B Exchange event series connecting RetailTech suppliers with retailers

“Targeted, Controlled Sales Engagements ... Online”

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